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Amy & Monte on Tiktok

Over 312,000 views of this video!

Amy & Monte on Tiktok

A Day in Their Life!

Amy & Monte on Facebook Live


Here is a video about Astrology for Wellness:

Star Sign Guides for Body, Mind & Spirit Vitality!

Our new book is chock full of metaphysical fitness tips for each Sun Sign, with celestial guidance that empowers the reader to take important steps to become mindful of their personal astrological energy system.

We talked about the astro-energy and gave you some mindful tips for self-care and staying strong, balanced and less stressed.

Check it out!

Amy & Monte on Facebook Live

Amy and I enjoyed our Facebook Live where we discussed relationships: spouses, soulmates, friends, family, bosses, co-workers...

We tuned in, and pulled cards to give you some mindful tips and guidance from our books THE SOULMATE PATH and

LITTLE REMINDERS: Love & Relationships.

Amy & Monte on Facebook Live

Amy and I loved answering your questions and reading your tarot cards, celebrating the New Year! As the cosmic wheel turns, the energies unique to each cycle are at play, giving us it's particular magic, messages and guidance to live life to the full. Sorry we could not get to answer every one's questions - there were a lot!- but we’ll do it again soon.

You can buy SIGNS & SEASONS - our astrology cookbook
And our recipe for Hazelnut Yams is here

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