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Learning the ancient art of Tarot card reading came naturally to Monte. A series of meaningful symbols presented by the cards can seamlessly help decipher the implications of any situation and reflect back key points of guidance.

Monte's experience accumulated  over the years with reading for anyone he'd meet; at parties, at the former Enchanted World store in New York, or even out for dinner.

Today, Monte is a serious practitioner, author and teacher of the Tarot cards, always using Amy's beautiful ENCHANTED TAROT card set as seen to the left which you can buy here.

Monte is also the author of many other popular books about the Tarot, including Tarot Secrets, True Love Tarot, Instant Tarot, The Tarot Discovery Kit and The Enchanted Tarot Coloring Book. His readings use the symbolism of the Tarot cards as clear indicators for interpreting events, situations, and  as a compass for navigating any issue or obstacle in life. Closely guided by his intuition and psychic communication, his interpretations are insightful, concise, clear, and on point.

  • Romantic relationships

  • Family dynamics

  • Career development

  • Financial prosperity

  • Project outlook

  • Mind, Body, Spirit

  • Guidance on your Path
  • Spiritual development

  • Major life decisions

  • Major purchasing decisions

  • Home life

  • Pets

  • Issues with friendships

  • Where to live

"You gave me so much information that makes a lot of sense to me and helps me understand what's been going on in my life."

— Risa

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90 minute Session
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