Spring 2022 and the 12 Signs of the Zodiac

ARIES: This has been a very difficult winter for you. You are used to moving forward and not looking back but the events of the past few months have forced you to think about painful occurrences from your childhood and young adult years. This makes usually brave Aries more concerned with what they believe is valuable in life and this translates on the material plane to focusing their energies on making enough money to feel secure, a difficult thing to do in the best of circumstances and that much more difficult now. Though you’re usually more comfortable thinking of yourself as a lone pioneer in virgin territory, you would be better off focusing your attention on the wonderful things that are going on in the world, helping others, or getting in touch with friends and those who believe the way you do. You need to attach yourself to things that are bigger than you. If you continue to isolate yourself you will have your forward progress impeded by powerful feelings and moods.

TAURUS: For the last couple of years you have been redefining the boundaries of your comfort zone and things have reached the point where you would greatly benefit by uniting your newfound powers with that of someone you trust and respect enough to open up and reveal who you have become and what are your goals. Partnership is in the air for Taureans and this can express across the whole spectrum of meanings for the word. The only thing that you can do now to work against yourself would be to do nothing. You have powerful energies within you that are demanding expression so express them. Your friends may need you now more than ever but the best thing you can do for them is to concentrate your energies on your career so you can be in better position to help them. As the aircraft cabin crew has told you for years, put your mask on first before helping the person next to you.

GEMINI: Hard work for a Gemini is anything that makes them feel overly contained or boxed into any one or even two ways of doing, learning, being, whatever. But it is this definition of hard work that is on the horizon for Geminis now because events are conspiring to make it obvious that there is a right way and a wrong way, a productive way and a time suck, and way of doing, learning, and being that will be of maximum benefit and a way that will obviously lead to even more difficult times. This is actually like a classical Greek myth, you have been given the gift of being able to see the future clearly but like the story of Cassandra, you may not be believed. This is where the hard work comes in, having the strength of your convictions when those who know and care about you experience you acting with such certainty, giving directions, offering advice. You can do it.

CANCER: It is time to make magic, as you define the word. Your creative powers are at a high point and you can either use them for the benefit of you and those you care about or just for you, which would be uncharacteristically selfish of you. You are usually more self-less but the energies now incline you to go for what you have always wanted. It certainly appears that everyone else in your world is doing that, acting erratically and trying to get what they can now without thinking too much about tomorrow. If it appears to you that you have a direct connection to the source of power then you should explore that possibility carefully. If you channel these energies for the good of you and yours you have the best chance of not becoming burnt out by the intensity of this time.

LEO: You make a great partner, usually, but only if you feel truly respected the way you define the word. This time is going to be difficult for you because you are challenged to deal with the spotlight, the energies, and the need for attention to be almost exclusively focused on your partner(s) for the rest of the season. This is an almost magical time for you in some way. You would do well to ask for help from this side of the veil or the other side. One day soon you will look back on this time as one that developed a talent in you that would otherwise have lain dormant for a long time.

VIRGO: Time for a change but it will not come without a lot of work. Business as usual is not an option for Virgos now. You are redefining what it means to do useful work and that is a good thing. You will be challenged to do a lot for those you consider your partner in some way and the additional challenge is that the reason for them needing your assistance is also the reason that they may not be as expressive in their appreciation of your prodigious efforts on their behalf as you would like or reasonably expect them to be. They may think that words are enough when you want more or that things are enough when you want words of appreciation. They can only do what they can do. They think you are amazingly capable and you are but you are not a machine, though you may find yourself working like one.

LIBRA: The future looks bright and may also pay off in some way for you, even if the payout is your karma being equalled out in a way that does not overly tax or inconvenience you. You have to think creatively and outside of the box to the point that you forget there ever was a box to think outside of. Start your projects with a clean slate, a blank sheet of paper, the eyes of a child. This period is one of “Zen mind, beginner’s mind,” for you. You may do some of the best work you have ever done in your life now, whether you want to or not. If you can do your work in a way that will bring benefit to more than just you, you will benefit more than if you had taken the selfish route.

SCORPIO: At this time you can sell anything to anyone. Of course, you are a Scorpio so you may not want to and no one can force you to do so, but if you have been trying to convince someone of something, do not give up and press ahead now. You are most likely going to have to deal with issues regarding your home, home life, your close family, or your past. If you do not have these issues front and center in your life now, then prepare to deal with them. Perhaps what you will be selling will be solutions to the issues that are brought to your attention at this time. Do not expect your partners to give the unwavering support to your ideas that they have given in the past. They need to feel free to act as they see fit, too, sometimes, right?

SAGITTARIUS: The energies of this time may manifest as you investigating a lifestyle that allows you to be more free in some way.The lockdowns have been particularly hard on you but it is time for you to unlock your door and get out into your world. As both a student of philosophy, religion, and everything the world has to offer and has offered you know that your freedom is God/dess given, not something that can be granted or taken away by any human-made institution. This basic fact of life has never been more apparent to you. In fact, you were thinking about this before the lockdowns locked you down. You need to be out and about to the point that if your work does not allow this then you may have to look for work that does allow you to get up and go. You may need to find someone to watch your home while you are away. You may even find yourself considering letting them live there while you are gone if you know beyond doubt that they are trustworthy. Be very careful and check and recheck before you do that.

CAPRICORN: The energies of this time require you to strive to be the ultimate cliche of a Capricorn, driven to be an authority by your value system based on hard work, discipline, sacrifice, unstoppable drive and, of course, money. If you have ever been told that you have the gift of what the Irish call, Blarney, and my friends in Brooklyn called B.S., now is the time to use it. The only thing you can gamble on now is long shots and futuristic versions of what you know to be true and valuable now. Other than that, it’s totally old school nose to the grindstone, all work and no play.

AQUARIUS: The energies of this time require you to make liars of those who say Aquarius do not have strong egos or self-images. It’s all about you injecting yourself into situations in a powerful, forceful way and loving yourself for doing it. You can fulfill your usual teacher role but you have to be the boss, not the boss’ friend the way you usually are. You can actually make a lot of money now and can actually have it given to you. I realize that sounds impossible but the impossible is now possible for you. Take advantage of it.

PISCES: The energies of this time require you to be the ultimate Pisces that you are capable of being. Intuitive, compassionate, idealistic, and inspiring. You cannot worry or even wonder if people are “getting” you now, you just have to be yourself. You may find yourself rewarded in ways that would never occur to you. The only thing that can work against you now is running into limitations of your own making. We all have our shadow side and yours is going to be shadowing you like never before but if you just persevere and be your ultimate Piscean self, you will prevail.


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