The Reader's Studio - 2018

In our opinion, one of the most important secrets of tarot reading is that in enables us to incorporate our spiritual development into our daily activities and decisions.

There is a wonderful, spiritual feeling of community surrounding the Tarot – we were recently at great gathering of tarot readers, teachers and students called the Reader’s Studio, in New York. When you read tarot cards you become yet another link in an unbroken chain of tarot readers that stretches back in time.

We are all standing on the shoulders of these courageous and wonderful people who helped keep the art of psychology and guidance counseling alive through the dark times of ignorance and superstition.

Thank you to the organizers, Ruth Ann and Wald Amberstone, for creating the warm hospitality at the Readers Studio event. Being there in person is a unique experience of loving wisdom and friendship which would not be possible without it flowing from you both to us all. Your contribution to all of us readers, authors and creatives, and to Tarot itself cannot be adequately described in words, but that's what we mean when we say thank you to you both.

And thank you to all of our fellow Tarot Lovers for keeping the light of the Tarot burning so brightly - it is important, and exciting! We had such a great time! We are grateful to all of our new friends and old friends who support our work and our enchanted creations - it means a lot to us.

Here are some of our favorite magic moments:

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