A 6-week course starting June 21st with a solstice celebration,

continues weekly thru July 26.

Total cost for 6 lessons, 7:30-9 pm each week: $300 prepaid.

Zerner-Farber Deck Included. Class limited to 12 people.

NOTE: We need sign-ups by June 17th. Email us at and we will send a paypal invoice or we can take a credit card by phone.

Call 631-324-4408.

Life is all about questions and answers. To Tarot experts Amy Zerner and Monte Farber, tarot cards were the first search engine: you ask your question as you shuffle, you pick a card, and the picture on that card contains the answer to your question.

In the same way that the Tarot contains everything you need to know

about life, this 6- week course contains everything

you need to know to read tarot cards like a pro.

Amy & Monte will provide fun, entertaining, and simple techniques to help

you use the profound teachings and predictive ability of The Tarot.

Its practical techniques enable you to read the tarot cards and

access the unlimited intuitive power within you.

Our Higher Self speaks to us all the time, sharing its secrets, including

how to live our lives best in its intricate and interconnected web.

We have to know how to look and listen to hear and

use this magical information.

Amy and Monte have dedicated their life together to using their art and words

to make the timeless truths of ancient knowledge and

personal power accessible and useful.

Since 1990 they have introduced hundreds of thousands of people to

The Tarot and to how they can use it to gain insight into their lives

and the world around them.

This interactive course is Amy & Monte's ultimate tarot reading experience

that includes insights into all 78 cards, personal shared readings, tips to enhance your intuition and demonstrations and experiments with different spreads.

You will become a certified Enchanted Tarot Reader and receive a certificate!

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