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Monte Farber is a skilled psychic and astrologer, and has read for thousands of people. You can choose readings with 2 price options. He usually does a combination reading so it would be good to have your exact time, date and place of birth. You prepay and then we can schedule the appointment. He does the session by zoom or by phone and sometimes in person.



"I feel a renewed sense of optimism, and feel that the guidance and insight that I will receive from your books and the other materials that you both seem to work so tirelessly on will help me in my future endeavors."

— Jamie


Before the Session

Monte Farber is is available for private readings by telephone or via Skype.

If you are in the area of the Hamptons, New York, Monte is available for readings in person.

Monte is also available to travel to your location upon special request, and travel expenses will be an additional charge.

When you buy a reading, Monte will contact you to schedule an appointment. 

Please consider what specific questions you would like to ask Monte. You can check out TIPS ON ASKING MONTE THE RIGHT PSYCHIC QUESTIONS (click link). If you're not sure, ask Monte and let the discussion lead to the messages that are best for you to receive.

15 minutes before the appointment starts, please sit down and close your your eyes. Center yourself, ground your energy into the earth. Enter a state of calm and openness. Invite the openness to receive the messages that are best for you to hear. 

Astrology Readings

Astrological consults require you to fill out a form to provide information regarding your birth chart, this will happen through the appointment confirmation process.​

Psychic Readings

For psychic readings, I will ask that you think about the questions on the top of your mind. If you would like to be sure, read up on my 'Tips  on Asking the Right Questions to a Psychic'. I will be leading the conversation with items that come to me to share with you.

Business & Investment Readings

Business & Investment readings are very similar to psychic readings, as it uses the same skill of mine, but for practical matters. Please read "Tips on Asking the Right Questions" below to be sure we can have the best possible session for you and your future.

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