It’s happened to us all: we’ve stepped into a hotel room, office, even a rental car and immediately sensed a wave of soul-disturbing negative energy wash over us. But now there’s Vibe-Away!®, an instant, practical solution to that problem, developed by the bestselling team of Amy Zerner and Monte Farber. 

Vibe-Away! is a quick-dissolving, non-toxic crystal made up of traditional, essential aromatherapy oils such as sage, citrus, and lavender. The kit includes a 36-page instructional guidebook with prescribed rituals and tips for clearing every type of space. Simply spray the gently scented mist into the air as you recite one of the incantations. Then, ring the enclosed special ceremonial bell. Soon, you’ll be clearing spaces like a practiced shaman—and feeling healthier, clearer, and at peace.

Contains: 36 page instruction book, 3 crystal mist mixture packets, spray bottle, and bell.

Vibe-Away! The All-Purpose Space-Clearing Kit


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