A Spiritual Practice to Invoke Peace and Protection

by Monte Farber & Amy Zerner


"Spirit of The Ancestors who have come before me and know my situation well. Because of your struggles I am alive. I thank you for your sacrifices. I feel your love and protection. Guide me on the path to my highest good and greatest joy.


Endorsed by world-renowned Feng Shui Master Pun Yin, The Spirit of the Ancestors Altar Kit is designed to empower you through remembrance of those whose lives gave birth to yours, a loving family that transcends the boundaries of life and death. 

The kit’s concept is an outgrowth of the ancient Asian concept of venerating one’s ancestors to help one feel grounded, secure, and watched over by divine forces.


The kit centers around a beautiful and portable altar designed by Amy Zerner, in which there is a framed slot designed to hold the images or names of biological ancestors, past acquaintances, and anyone who has helped guide and inspire the user. 
Also included are ready-made images of spiritual figures from around the world that you may want to place on your altar and interchange from time to time, depending on whom you wish to consult or the type of energy you need for strength.
Prayers, rituals, and instructions to help you pray for peace, guidance, support, calmness, clarity, wisdom, knowledge, courage (or whatever you seek at the moment in time) are tucked into the guidebook along with two packages of sandalwood incense and a special blessing incense burner to enhance the connection between you and your soul family.
Best of all, this unique and beautiful altar can easily travel from place to place; it s a convenient means of transforming any space into a sacred space, and takes only moments to set up and can be packed up just as quickly.

Spirit of the Ancestors Altar Kit


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