A MYSTERY SCHOOL is a large, wall-mounted tapestry to hang anywhere you would like to evoke clarity, knowledge and wisdom.


It is a university of the soul, where one learns about dreams, secrets, wisdom, ritual, intuition and our deep connection to the Universe.  In the circle in the center is a Phoenix bird, its plumes reaching upwards past streaks of clouds. This totem gives hope, helps you transform your life and brings you guidance.

Call upon the Phoenix for strength and renewed energy. Egyptian deity figures guard either side of the Phoenix, and butterflies float above, representing freedom of the human spirit.


This beautiful tapestry is even MORE amazing in person when you can see the detailed craftwork of the gleaming, intricate fabric! 


Dimensions: 72" W x 108" H

Mystery School

  • Since this is a custom created piece of artwork, all Amy Zerner artwork is final sale. All shipping charges are non-refundable. 

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