Monte has counseled thousands of people over the years and loves to tune into what important messages, answers and gifts the spirits have for them. Monte says: "I show people that there are seemingly magical aspects to each of our every day life and I show them how to identify and amplify them. The common denominator in all human-caused suffering is poor decision making and I help people make better decisions."


Monte can help you get in touch with a deeper part of yourself, and you shouldn't have to struggle to let what you want to manifest in your life. Monte's gentle alignment to what's good for you can help you orient yourself for a better life you know you deserve.


  • Attracting the right romantic partner for you
  • Your life's purpose and next steps in your life
  • Hidden passions
  • Your personal identity and value to your community
  • Self-acceptance and forgiveness
  • Family dynamics


Private Weekly Hourly Sessions

Experience one session per week with Monte and you experience a transformation for seeing your life in an honest, positive way that will attract truly what you want in life.

Minimum commitment of 6 weeks required.


Private Monthly Mentoring Sessions

A once-a-month check-in is sometimes all that people need to keep focused on their positive path. Let Monte be your partner that you are accountable to for re-alignment and be your partner on the path to maintain your goals.


Group Monthly Sessions

Being accountable to your group can keep you aligned with your transformational goals. Where everyone's been through the same type of transformation, keeping a community led by Monte helps the collaborative effort of the group. 

Life Coaching

  • This product is for entertainment purposes only.

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