Monte has spent many years denying his intuition. When a dear family member passed away, Monte committed to opening up to his psychic gift. Through receptivity and imaginative skills training, Monte has honed the ability to communicate from the spirit side and provides this service in readings for clients all over the world.


Because of Monte's work, he's positive that everyone has intuition skills hidden within, and has created specific training skills and tools to offer others developing. 


Private Weekly Hourly Sessions

Experience one session per week with Monte and you experience a transformation for seeing your life in an honest, positive way that will attract truly what you want in life.

Minimum commitment of 6 weeks required.


Private Monthly Mentoring Sessions

A once-a-month check-in is sometimes all that people need to keep focused on their positive path. Let Monte be your partner that you are accountable to for re-alignment and be your partner on the path to maintain your goals.


Group Monthly Sessions

Being accountable to your group can keep you aligned with your transformational goals. Where everyone's been through the same type of transformation, keeping a community led by Monte helps the collaborative effort of the group. 

Intuition Training

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