"I begin with a collection of fabrics and elements and play with them until the dream begins to form before me...."- Amy Zerner


In the series entitled "Dreamscapes", you can see images of some of the many ways in which our dream world coexists with and affects our material world through the vehicle of our imagination. In a very real way, all of Amy's collages are informed by her unshakable belief that our dream world does not exist "only" in our imagination. Rather, it is an important tributary source of everything we create in our lives.


It is not unusual to feel a sense of wonder, reverence, and awe when looking at Amy's collages. It is the experience we had as children, when a picture of a castle or faraway land could transport us into the unlimited world of imagination. We see everything as if for the first time and we are able to imagine possibilities and solutions we would not usually dream of. This childlike joy is at the heart of the creative process itself.


The "Dreamscapes", with their wonderfully naïve and decorative qualities, work their magic upon us. The "Dreamscapes" affect us with their subconscious dream-level, the images speak universally to us all.


We create our own realities as surely as we create dreams. Often, the greatest changes that occur in our lives are not the result of external events but are the result of our changing the way we believe and feel about our situations. Amy's "Dreamscapes" can remind us about the powerful function of our dreams. Like our dreams, they can transmit to us the childlike wonder that empowers our will to create our waking world. They attain this power for the simple reason that each of her collages is a dream come true.


Amy will create special commissions for clients who desire the most luxurious of designer fashion experiences. Some customers fall in love with a specific piece in one of her collections, while others select a favorite silhouette, style, and story.


Title: "Dreamland"
Size: 37" W x 24" H
Year: 2005

"Dreamland" Tapestry - Dreamscape Series

  • Since this is a custom created piece of artowrk, all Amy Zerner artwork is final sale. All shipping charges are non-refundable. 

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