This is Amy's Aphrodite tapestry (27" X 45")  designed for the oracle she created with Monte, GODDESS, GUIDE ME.


APHRODITE means "risen from the sea foam" and that is why the Greeks who worshipped her built many of her temples by the sea. Myrrh and frankincense were burned in her sacred precincts. 

Ritual from Goddess Guide Me:

To invoke the affection of the Goddess APHRODITE and bring love into your life, make a small altar covered with a pink or white cloth to represent the earth covered by the clouds. Place upon it a dish of rose-scented pot-pourri, a white feather, and a pink candle. Carve the image of two hearts joined together into the candle. This represents your ability to carve reality with the power of your attuned Head and Heart.

Place your hands palm-to-palm and recite the following incantation two times:


Guide me to my purest love
My truest heart, my turtle dove.

Gently breathe in and as you do, see and feel pink colored Love-energy flowing into your heart. Gently exhale, visualizing your breath flying around the world to mingle with the breath of your soul mate. Carry the feather with you to remind you of your heart's desire. Try to keep your heart as light as this feather, and the Love you radiate and attract is bound to be pure.


  • Since this is a custom created piece of artwork, all Amy Zerner artwork is final sale. All shipping charges are non-refundable. 

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