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Living an Enchanted Life: Divination, Intuition & the Law of Attraction 

Monte Farber and his wife and artistic collaborator, Amy Zerner, will share the Law of Attraction tips and techniques that helped them manifest their dreams -- while exploring the role of divination and intuition in helping you identify and achieve your goals. 

Unlocking Your Intuition: 10 Easy Steps for Making Difficult Decisions

Whenever you have a difficult decision to make—switch or find a job, home, or even partners—everyone tells you “Rely on your intuition.” But how exactly does a person know to even use their intuition, let alone trust it implicitly?  We’ve all been given the great gift of our Sixth Sense, intuition, and Monte Farber and Amy Zerner can teach you how to use and develop it in ten easy steps.

The Secret Power of Quantum Affirmations

Best-selling author Monte Farber 's book Quantum Affirmations details his revolutionary new method for harnessing your mind’s power based on quantum physics. Quantum Affirmations is an all-inclusive, integrative approach to life and the manifesting of love, happiness, prosperity, and success for anyone to use!

How To Meet Your Soulmate: Accept No Substitutes

If you would like to find your Soul Mate, or if you would like to improve an existing romantic relationship, there are several important things that you can do to improve your chances. However, there are just as many important things that you had better not do or all of your good work will be undone.

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What is a The Enchanted World?

When author Monte Farber met artist Amy Zerber in 1974, it was the beginning of a relationship that the pair now calls “enchanted.” The relationship they've had and the artists' lives they lead is nothing but an abundance of synchronicities that they say happens to everyone everyday. You make your life a work of art, and your art becomes a work of life. Their love and blessings create an enchanted life.

Can you share one of your psychic stories with us?

Monte wasn’t born with the ability to hear the dead “speak” and know the future, he developed the intuitive gift we are all born with through decades spent researching psychics and psychic phenomena. Monte has read for the police to help solve cold murder cases, for private investigators on international assignments, as well as for many celebrities and corporations.

You’ve said that one of the keys to your success is using your QUANTUM AFFIRMATIONS technique. How do you do it?

I‘ve researched intriguing scientific principles that support the fact that affirmations work. In Quantum Affirmations, I’ve applied those principles to formulate a simple fivefold technique for creating the future you want to live in. Monte's Quantum Affirmation technique brings real and meaningful results and enables you to create future that you want, in miraculous and unexpected ways. And it's easier than you might think! 

How can you use your intuition to increase your business success?

Successful people make successful decisions. Ask them and they’ll all say that they “Go by their gut,” “Fly by the seat of their pants,” or are “Lucky guessers,” but what they mean is that they listen to their intuition - that small, quiet voice inside of us that knows the right answers and is trying to tell them to us, if we’d only listen. 

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