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Find out what your future holds with this brand-new edition of the hugely popular Karma Cards

oracle book and card deck!

Over 300,000 copies sold!


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Monte Farber is the author of a series of best-selling metaphysical self-help books with over two million copies in print in fourteen languages, including the Enchanted Tarot and the Psychic Circle. Since 1988, Farber has used his friendly, humorous, down-to-earth approach to what he calls “street-smart spirituality” to train people to improve their intuition and decision-making abilities. He is available for personal consultations.

Want to know about your love life? Career prospects? Finances? The answer to every question lies in these amazing cards, created by astrologer Monte Farber and already embraced by hundreds of thousands of seekers. 


They can guide you through everyday decision-making, and even more important, help you contact and communicate wisely with your “Higher Self”—that part of our being that actually chooses to undergo certain experiences in order to explore our full potential. 

Karma Cards
Karma Cards
Karma Cards

How do they work? Shuffle the Karma Cards; lay a Planet, Sign, and House card side by side; and read across the red or blue panels. Every response features three levels of information: spiritual, mental, and physical. 

Accompanying the 36 full-color cards is a 96-page instruction book with advice on centering yourself, visualizing the situation that concerns you, phrasing your query, and more.


"I was given these cards as a gift and every time I use them I am just as amazed as the last time. They are spot-on accurate and leave no mystery or confusion at all - if you are honest with yourself these cards are truly tuned in and in sync with your karma - actions and outcome. They are so intelligent and insightful. I am buying this set for my sister. I showed her mine and she was immediately impressed. If you are looking for the pure visuals of tarot then you may want to get a tarot set as well (not instead) because you'll be happy you've got the Karma Cards soon enough I'm sure of that!"

Amazon Reviewer

I'm not making any major life decisions based on my readings, and I don't recommend that anyone else out there do that, either. But this card, book combo is very easy to learn how to use and certainly entertaining. The hardest thing about the whole set is trying to figure out how to phrase your questions into "action" (should I?) or "outcome" (will this happen?). Once you get that part down, they're very simple to use...

Amazon Reviewer

I ordered this a couple of years ago when many things in my life were in flux, and I needed a tool to help me tap into my Higher Self's wisdom.
I found the cards have been very easy to use - and I've gotten some spot on insight that has enabled me to work through some creative challenges and prepared me to deal with some obstacles in my career.
Get ready to know yourself better ;)

Amazon Reviewer

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