We named our new Crypto Creator Coin $ZANE after our beloved twenty year old cat. Our supporters know about handsome Zane and his quirky ways and of his importance to us.

The way it works is....you can use our $ZANE Creator Coin to gain access to our special prizes, experiences and benefits including exclusive previews, private readings, astrology reports, mentorship and art-filled merchandise! 

It's not an investment, it's a creative way to build and share within our Enchanted World community. It is basically like a fan club, and we want to make it fun and rewarding!

We are excited about this novel way of connecting and engaging with our communities and fans of our books and art. It fills us with energy and the desire to move forward to creatively explore this new enchanted world, just like Zane explores his garden! Hope you will join us.

Join us at RALLY.io to see all of our special $ZANE coin offerings.

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