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business & investment readings

Monte has developed a fantastic reputation with his corporate clients, and would like to offer this service to you, too.

Readings about business and investment consulting can give insights into the energy at play, and help you make a better assessment with more clarity about what's REALLY going on that is beyond what the characters in your situation are telling you.

Monte can intuitively counsel on a variety of issues that come up with your business development and planning. Getting a psychic perspective and honest energy reading makes sense in order for you to become aware of the full range of understanding all of the important elements.


Monte is one of the world’s best psychics. He impressively got six out of seven predictions correct regarding major financial and stock indicators for Indeed, Farber says he enjoys reading psychically for investors, having made over two years’ worth of videos on Jim Cramer’s financial website.  Monte can advise you about taking actions that will make  lots of money: when to hold, buy or sell.

Monte uses his remarkable abilities to offer clear  guidance to an international client base regarding growing one's business, who to hire or fire, and how to follow one's best career path. In his readings, Monte provides insights from his psychic perceptions that help people to trust their own instincts and look inside them selves to find the answers they need.

  • Management Direction

  • Product and Sales Development

  • Customer Service and Communication Issues

  • Hiring, Staffing Strengths & Positioning Advice

  • Employee Productivity, Loyalty, and Honesty Evaluations

  • Strategic Planning Insights

  • Mergers & Acquisitions Information

  • Executive Coaching


"Because of Monte's input into the decision-making process- because of the readings - I was able to negotiate a 50 million dollar acquisition."

— Richard Worth, CEO of Frookies Cookies, and Inc Magazine's Entrepreneur of the year

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After purchase, Monte Farber will contact you to schedule an appointment. This product is for entertainment purposes only.

60 minute Session
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90 minute Session
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