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Monte has been studying the stars for over 40 years, and that not only means he is a master astrologer and knows how to read people, but also what advice to give you to navigate the energy shifts. Reading the stars is an ancient practice that has helped many to understand the past, present and the future.


He offers the ability to buy for yourself an extensive report about your unique energy signature that you were born with. An Astrology Report is custom tailored to your personality, and on average, consists of about 20-30 pages of interpretations of the astrological signatures you were born with. It describes where your planets are, and can describe exactly how you love, how you give your energy, what your life is focused on, and the phase of life your in.

Disclaimer: This product is for entertainment purposes only.

Astrology Report

NOTE: After your purchase, click the button below to complete a form for your order. This form is to fill out your astrological information. Monte will need this information in order to begin fulfilling your order. Any order without this information cannot be fulfilled.

Types of Reports:

Birth Chart - Natal

Put in your birth info to receive your astrology chart along with a complete, detailed and comprehensive interpretation of your personality. It will enhance your self-understanding.


Transit Report

Find out what is in store for you in the next 6 months: your transits will be fully interpreted with important guidance on how to navigate the challenges and cycles.


Relationships/Compatibility Report

Put in your birth info and that of your lover or friend for a compatibility report, which will give you important insights and interpretations of how your planets interact and work together.

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