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“Millionaires don't use astrologers. Billionaires do."
- J.P. Morgan

In his readings, Monte provides insights from his many years of doing astrology readings that help people to trust their instincts and  become more aware of who they are and what they seek. That is why he has so many returning clients who get updates from Monte about "what's happening" in their lives.

Monte uses his remarkable abilities to offer his guidance for an international client base regarding relationships, spiritual guidance, important decisions, growing your business and how to follow your best career path.

With an astrology reading, you'll get a personal consultation and in-depth conversation with Monte about your natal astrology chart and current planetary shifts, changes and influences.

  • Your personality profile and what can help you personally enhance your goals and connections

  • Relationship compatibility

  • Foresee pitfalls and overcome obstacles

  • Get insight about any upcoming decisions you have to make

  • A successful career path and what  profession best suits you

  • How to grow your business and create success and abundance

  • Understanding family dynamics and what's the best resolution


"Monte, You are wonderful. Your ability to feel the unknown has blown me away. Had you not warned me, I could not have coped!! Thank you, thank you for your foresight. You are simply incredible!"

— S.H.N.

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After purchase, Monte Farber will contact you to schedule an appointment. This product is for entertainment purposes only.

60 minute Session
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90 minute Session
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Do you only want a detailed, extensive report about your astrological chart?

You also can buy an emailed natal chart or transit report to see the astrology chart "portrait" that is unique to you! Makes a great gift!

Astrology Report

Receive a 20-30 page analysis of your astrological profile, interpretted from Monte's wealth of research and knowledge. 



Have a question? Send Monte a message!


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